Need to Locate Underground Sewage Pipes?

Locate the Pipes are specialists in locating sewage pipes in both commercial and domestic applications. Locating pipes underground before you dig is what we are trained to do. Tradies and professionals including excavators, landscapers, electricians and plumbers use us so they can safely dig underground, reducing the risk of damaging any sewage pipes leading to costly repairs.

There are often many different types of sewerage and water pipes that have been laid underground and they can often be at different depths. They will need to be located so that digging can be performed safely, minimising the risk of damage.

The main danger that these underground sewer lines are capable of causing is contamination, disease from being exposed to sewage and damage to the environment. Sewer lines are also capable of getting pumped under pressure, causing hazards to water lines as a result. Furthermore, toxic and explosive gases are also present in these lines.



Cable & Pipe Locating Services in Albury Wodonga

Locate the Pipes is the number one provider for your Cable and Pipe Locating. We have the technology as well as the trained staff to locate all below ground services. Our up to date cable and pipe utility locating equipment helps us determine the underground positions of all services.

So why tear up your whole property when our specialist can mark the areas to excavate and where not to excavate!

Locating utilities before you dig isn’t just smart — it’s essential. That is why we put so much care and effort into delivering a high-quality service. With the ability to travel and conduct surveys over a wide area, we are happy to work with clients across multiple sites as needed.