Need to Locate Underground High Voltage Cables?

Before the backhoe breaks up the earth, all the underground High Voltage Cable lines should be located first! This is to prevent accidents, injuries and power interruptions to the community. Accidental impact to power cables may cause the following:

  • Electrocution and injuries (or fatalities) to workers on site
  • Damage to the electrical and telecommunication cables
  • Power or telecommunication service interruption to the residents and businesses
  • Project delays because of temporary halt
  • Additional costs and legal fines

Locate the Pipes uses electromagnetic equipment to send signals onto the power lines and interpret those signals upon their return. This results to a map which can be used as a guide for you when digging or before planning any excavation work. With an accurate and updated subsurface utility map, you can avoid damaging the buried cables. This results to improved safety and faster project progress.



Cable & Pipe Locating Services in Albury Wodonga

Locate the Pipes is the number one provider for your Cable and Pipe Locating. We have the technology as well as the trained staff to locate all below ground services. Our up to date cable and pipe utility locating equipment helps us determine the underground positions of all services.

So why tear up your whole property when our specialist can mark the areas to excavate and where not to excavate!

Locating utilities before you dig isn’t just smart — it’s essential. That is why we put so much care and effort into delivering a high-quality service. With the ability to travel and conduct surveys over a wide area, we are happy to work with clients across multiple sites as needed.